If I was told my journey would end in that manner on that very auspicious day, I would have argued.

It was a Sunday morning in the city of Ikeja, Lagos. Activities went on as usual. The busy road, hawkers, conductors and all the road distractions weren’t left behind. I had just left my place of work.

Wondering why I was returning from work on a Sunday? Saturday had been a very busy day at work, I had so many duties to deliver, so I stayed late in the office and was unable to go home. I then decided to wait since the next morning was a Sunday. The office was conducive enough because we have some staff who even stay at the office apartment temporarily.

I woke up, had my bath, dressed up, picked up my backpack and the handbag containing some things I had purchased for home use days before and began my journey as early as possible because I couldn’t afford to miss the service at my church.

I set out on this journey. Boarded a bus going to Ojodu berger. Normally, I love to board a bus going to Berger straight so that I would alight on the other side of the road without stressing myself crossing or climbing the overhead bridge. This day, luck wasn’t on my side so I decided to board the Ojodu Berger’s bus. The journey wasn’t really stressful.

No hike in price, good road, smooth pace and a convenient bus at that. I relaxed as we drove all the way to Berger, where I then alighted.

I walked a bit, then climbed that bridge. I saw lots of people starring down the other side. So, as curious as I was, I decided to double my steps so I could also have a clear view of whatsoever it was going on. I got to the spot , and there it was!
I couldn’t believe my eyes…


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