A lot of us have forgotten the true meaning of love not to even talk of its existence in real life situations. Heartbreaks of different forms won’t open our heart to feel or appreciate others who genuinely care about us.

The main people who causes us the deepest pain are those close to us like our mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends and lovers. The hurts from those outside these categories are still bearable.

One thing I want us to know today is that, we can never feel happy if we shut our heart from everyone because of just a person’s mistake.


I understand that it hurts, but pushing out others even hurt the most. You decided to stay in your room, restricted from family and friends. No! It shouldn’t be.

Move out and stay around people who makes you smile, happy and feel fulfilled. Don’t let anyone steal your joy with their bad luck.

Give others the chance to give you your desired happiness while you heal. Chasing everyone away won’t solve the problem. Let it go.

Sooner, you’ll be glad you did.

Enjoy your day dear fans.

Your happiness, my priority!

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