The road was stagnant. Vehicles refused to leave their spots. Hmmmm… What a day!
I regretted waiting till Sunday immediately.

I stared as far as my eyes could see, to know maybe the cause of the traffic was distance ahead but I found nothing, as my eyes was nothing compared to a microscope. I saw masses trekking along the way, faster than vehicles could ever move at that moment. Some even decided to take bike despite its exorbitant prices to various destinations. I was left with just #1000, therefore left to make my decisions, whether to embark on my journey or hope that the blockage clears away.

I called a bike , told him my destination which was Ibafo and waited for him to tell me price. I was then told bike couldn’t go pass Kara which would cost me #1000.
Kara was just half way, I would need more money if I’m to get to my destination. I picked up my phone as all my thought was on how to get more money at hand. My account was in red. I called some people owing me money to tell them the urgency of sending that money immediately.

I waited for few minutes for several alerts but nothing came through. It then dawned on me to begin my journey on foot.
Hahahaha, you actually won’t know the real distance of a place if you’ve always been in your father’s car. I trekked for an hour but felt so famished as I haven’t had any meal that morning and at that point I dare not touch that money, else… You know what will happen now… Smiles.

After about an hour of non stop movement, I decided to call another bike with the hope that the fare would have reduced. Guess what? It actually did. The bike now costs #800. I’ve been able to cover a distance worth #200. I met a lady with two guyz travelling to Ibadan, as friendly as I am, I striked a conversation with them, and in minutes, we started rolling as friends and have decided to take bike together, a lady to a guy (As Lagos babe, we no dey carry last at all). We were finally able to get bike which costs #1000 for two passengers. That felt better, because it’s just like paying #500/person.

We boarded the bike and it took us to Kara, taking every route that led to Kara including bushes. As soon as we got close to the place, we alighted from the bike and trekked further to see the cause of the traffic as nobody ever told us… There we found different Nigerian forces, controlling the vehicles to stop like 25m away.

Lo and behold! A petrol tanker has leaked fuel all over the road and vehicles were stopped at distance to prevent engine heat from igniting the fire.
To leave the vehicles side, I had no choice than walk through the petrol , past the tanker and get to the other side of the road so I can reach safety.

Don’t forget I’m still going with my new found friends, everyone stood behind as I summoned courage and decided to ask a LASTMA if I could go through. Yes, but make sure you run at your highest speed and without having a mobile phone.

I decided to give it a trial, despite the caution. I removed my from from my pocket and dropped it down the load I was carrying. I stepped my foot into the petrol and took the highest speed I could, I instantly forgot my new friends, my mind went to different things in seconds.

I remembered the just exploded tanker at Otedola bridge, burning hundreds of people, I remembered how quickly a phone could explode in ones pocket even without petrol around, how fuel has caused families everlasting pain. My heartbeat increased as I got to the side of the tanker, I started reciting psalm 23, our popular prayer.

Suddenly, I found myself at the end of the road. What actually happened?

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