When situations arise, man will complain, murmur, wail and weep, but prayer is not any of these.

What then is prayer?
Prayer is work and that is why lazy people can not pray. When a lazy man wants to pray, he sits on his bed after his night shower, with pyjamas and AC switched on. He is likely to sleep off. Prayer it’s not meant for the fearful.
Looking at Genesis 22, praying ceaselessly without giving up until something happens.

1 king 18:42
Prayer means exercising your faith. In the first verse of this chapter, Elijah exercised his faith. God is not a man, that he should lie. God has spoken, he will not fail.

Prayer is inviting God into situations that is above us (Daniel 2 :16-17, 23).
What is that thing that is a matter of life and death, that is happening to you? Prayer solves it all.
Prayer is asking God for help or assistance in overcoming a problem.

If you’ve ever encountered God in your life, when situations come, let it know that you have God.
Instead of looking for counsel from people that will mislead you, run to God. (1Samuel 30). No matter how clumpsy the situation may be, prayer solves it.

Prayer is also appreciating God. Recalling all he has done for you and how he will do it again .
Habakkuk 2:1
Mark 10:45 bartimaeus cried when Jesus passed. As rowdy as the situation was. As many as the people were, God picked out his voice.
So it doesn’t matter the number of people there, your voice is unique.

Some prayers and cries are abomination. Only if you’re a child of God. Born again.

So make that wonderful decision now

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