Hello Sir, good afternoon Sir, how’s everyone over there? I’m calling to report my husband to you. For months now, he doesn’t eat at home and he doesn’t drop any money for the upkeep of the family anymore. I’ve apologized severely, despite not knowing what my offense is. Are you sure of what you’re saying? He asked. Yes Sir, I responded.

Mr Adekunle happens to be my husband uncle whom he lived with till we got married since his parent died when they were younger. He has a younger sister who also lived with another member of the family in other part of the country before coming to live with my husband and I after our marriage.

Mr Adekunle was that one special man in the family, who embraces everyone , both nuclear and extended. He’s a man who sought after the progress of his family member, old and young. When my husband completed his secondary education, Mr Adekunle helped him secure job as a clerk in his office when he works as a director in a sector.

After the job, he ensured my husband bagged his bachelor degree with a part time study in one of the prestigious university in Nigeria. The man is all a man could wish of as a father.

His wife, just another mother for everyone. They both have similar characteristics. Very charitable and embracing. She doesn’t push anyone who comes to her husband for help away. As a matter of fact, I’ve not seen a woman so calm and loving as her in this generation of ours.

My husband, Olamide and I got married after his graduation. We met in a church program held at a branch of the Christ Apostolic Church. He was an instrumentalist while I was a choir member.

The marriage was said to have been wriiten by God and I never disagreed. I’m a kind of lady who agrees with what men if God says because I believe they are our father on earth and messengers from God.

We were told not to make the wedding a lousy one. The day came and we just went to the church to pray, the pastor performed the necessary rites and we returned home. Only few members of our family were invited.

Pictures weren’t even taken on that special day that every lady would want to display the best of themselves with their lovely friends as bridesmaids.

Mine was different, because I never wanted to oppose the word of God or do my own wish to avoid any problem that might want to arise in future as a result of that.


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