Hello, Wonderful fans of Amebo Babe, welcome to another segment of “THE WORD”. Today, we’ll be talking about how to live our life after fasting and prayers.

Text : Matthew 4:1-11
What type of lifestyle do you live after dedicating your life to God. Take after Jesus with your characters.

How do you live after Fasting?
1. Live in the power of the word. It has been written.
2. Live a lifestyle of faith
3. Live a lifestyle that trust in the lord, for blessing, deliverance and so on…
1samuel 30:6, Deuteronomy 28:1
4. Live in righteousness and truthfulness in everything you do, so that your prayers will not be in vain.
5. A live that stands in Christ Jesus
John 15:4-9, 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Keep living a holy life till we meet again,  next week,  on your lovely program “The Word”.

Have a wonderful  new week and don’t forget to stay tuned for other amazing  programs during  the week.

I love you all.


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