I’ve been living the dream of others -My life testimony


Hello,  fans of Amebo Babe,  welcome  to another segment on “My life testimony “. I hope today,  we’ll  all be able to learn from the testimony of our dear friend and sister.

“It has gotten to a time in my life when I hold things as though they were nothing.  What people say don’t  get to me anymore.  I no longer feel depressed or go onto my room crying  secretly as of they are the architect of my life. ”

Those were the testimonies of fan,  who has been a victim of depression all through her life.  She lived the dream of others because  she was trying to please the world.

Friends from across  the world reading this update at this very time,  don’t forget you’re unique in your own way.  Never let anyone  make you feel inferior by the word of their mouth.

Whenever you choose to make a decision  or take a step, just look before you leap to be sure you’re going in the right direction or doing the right thing. Whatever anyone gossips or say doesn’t have to matter to you.


Depression has led some to the grave and has been a detriment to some healths and so on…

My dear friend,  if you’re reading this write-up,  it’s  time to  be strong and believe in yourself and your ability.  Move out from the zone of what depresses you and go for something which makes you feel bright,  joyous and amazing.


I love😍 you all…

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