In Yoruba land, it is customary to name a child after a remarkable event that took place during the childbirth. A boy in my class called Bankole earlier explained that he was given that name by his father owing to the fact that it was during his conception that he (the father) was able to successfully complete a building of his own.

Enitan, our neighbour’s daughter that I considered to be my friend, owing to some things that we share in common (zeal to learn and unmatchable intelligence), once narrated that her mother passed on during child birth. Thus, the name enitan (eni itan; the person with a story to be told) was seen as being appropriate.

Ever since Enitan’s mother passed on, her aunties from both paternal and maternal sides had been taking turns like they were to follow a roster just to ensure the upkeep of Enitan. There were even times that she would enjoy the cozy of both aunts as they would appear unannounced simultaneously. Though most people, most especially neighbours and church members had on several occasions suggested that she be given to either of her grandparents for proper upbringing. The father remained adamant and unyielding. His decision was irrevocable due to the experience he had as a child living with his uncle. He had the vowed to keep Enitan to himself no matter what.

Enitan’s father had also refused to remarry unless Enitan turned ten. His patience to remarry had been met with the surreal thought of his child’s welfare.

“Enitan is growing to be more inquisitive and curious”,

Enitan explain the manner at which her father soliloquized after dropping a call of a lady she envisaged to be her prospective step mother.

“The idea of getting a mother for her may never be okay with her”, she added sounding like water that had been trapped wading its way ferociously, while mimicking the raucous voice of her father.

Sholape, that’s my name but I find it difficult to link my name to any pleasant occourence at my birth. Could it be that it was intended to prod God over some unpleasant occourences at my birth? Olajumoke had secretely prayed to end happily wth Adesheye. During their private times in their eldorado, Adesheye had confessed how he found himself the most fortunate man to have met Olajumoke. He failed to deny that it was indeed sacrificial for Olajumoke to have turned down millions of offers from several suitors only to consider him.

“Your beauty would make angels want to peep at your nakedness”,

He once joked while she blushed helplessly.

Olajumoke returned the compliment by testifying that she considers herself the most fortunate lady to have accepted Adesheye’s proposal.

“Which woman in her right state of mind will turn a good looking, well to do and God fearing men like you down” she asked rhetorically. They were these two lovebirds that would flock and perch from one branch to the other together until they seem to be clumsily jostling against each other.

Sometimes, you can pinpoint the exact moment in your life when things begin to go wrong. For Adesheye, it was the day he was laid off from work. He had toiled and was anticipating promotion only to be faced with this forlorn gloomy sky.

He had been working with a multinational courier firm as the brokerage administrative officer. There was never a time he enjoyed doing the job but he had to continue as he considered it as punches at the corner of the ring. He couldn’t throw in the towel and he knew it wasn’t going to be the end. At least, he had take-home on monthly basis.

He had vowed to add to his credentials for smooth transition to the upper cadre of the firm. All of a sudden his efforts headed for the rock. Hot tears ran through his cheek like athletes would compete for 100 metres glory as he reluctantly entered into the hospital ward. Olajumoke had been there since a a day before then. As he was about to find his seat beside the bed, he looked at Olajumoke with derision. Though, he once again looked at her but this time with pity.

The baby in the cot close to Olajumoke’s bed was a beautiful female who looked glorious and cute. Olajumoke was deeply asleep and not even her loud snore could wake her. Adesheyeye moved to the bed and dropped two pieces of papers beside the pillow that Olajumoke was resting her head. Without wasting time, he headed towards the door and slammed it behind himself.

Olajumoke woke up from sleep like a man with a bad dream and she was sweating profusely. It must have been the loud bang of the door that interrupted her sleep. Could there be something different? Could she have been dreaming? As she was still tensed, she looked beside her pillow and saw the two paperes left by Adesheye. She gently opened one and it had as its heading,

“Courier Extra PLC

RE: Termination of Contract…..”

She read it through and discovered that Adesheye left the letter there. she looked perturbed and scurried around as if looking for something that is not lost. She tried to settle down and picked up the second paper with a sudden tremor. She leaned against the wall and opened it.

“Dear Olajumoke,

It is never going to be a good way to say goodbye. i have always known this from the onset but i stayed on hoping there was going to be a twist in fate.

I am sorry that i have to leave this way. it is the best thing I can do for myself as a young man and the family. As you must have seen it, I was laid off today. I should have hearkened to the voice of Iya Sheye…”

She looked away in disappointment and shook her head and passed out.

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