Physical Breakthrough


Topic: Physical Breakthrough
Text: Genesis 26:1-14
Physical means something existing in a form that can be seen or touched. Physical breakthrough is a progress that can be seen, felt and touched. Breakthrough can be Financially, academically and so on.
In Genesis 26, Abraham obeyed God. There’s no self made man. Breakthrough and promotions comes from God alone, not man. When you experience and achievements, it’s because of the fact that God wants it to be so because you’re expected to go to the next level of what God has in stock for you. But you have your own part to play. Whatever God gives you lasts forever. Human can withdraw their own benefit but God own endures forever. We all want to tap into the covenant of Abraham, but how many of us can do what he did for God?
I pray that in whatever way we are trusting God for physical breakthrough, God will do it for us in Jesus name. (Amen)

Instances of physical breakthrough
2Samuel 23:15-16
1. Miracles, financial and materials.
There was an instance of four lepers who got and unimaginable and amazing breakthrough in the midst of famine and war 2 King 6,7,8
Examples are Jacob, Abraham, Isaac
2. Multidimensional breakthrough in wisdom and understanding
Example was Solomon who asked for wisdom and God gave to him.

3. Negative to positive  breakthrough
Another example from Negative to Positive is Peter who had no fish to catch until Jesus stepped into his boat. Jabez from sorrow to success. The widow who was planning to eat her last meal, but because she listen to the man of God, her story changed, from indebtedness to wealth. Naaman, from affliction to wholeness. Obededom from apparent nothingness to unimaginable blessings. Elizabeth, from barrenness to fruitfulness.

May God grant us physically breakthrough in Jesus name.

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