Genesis 1:19-26

Topic : When God speaks
God has always been talking but have we been able to listen to God when he speaks. He has always engaged man. He created man in his own image and his likeness. When God created man he never spoke out of mistake, it was intentional. God created a befitting package and delivered you.

  1. Speak the word back. The enemy can not undo what the Lord has done.
    Have faith and make use of it. Do we have faith to believe whatever God speaks to us?
    The word of God is so true but waits for the people who have faith to bring it to manifestation.
    Are you spiritual ears opened to hear from God. We tend to listen more to the flesh because of the physical benefits.

When God spoke, let’s see what happened.
Deuteronomy 20

  1. Lord speaks against his enemies. Psalm 62:11
    God spoke to Samuel, 1Samuel3:1-11
    What God wants to do through us is greater than what God wants to do for us.
    You can be in situations crying to God, you think God isn’t saying anything, but have you taken time to listen because God is always talking.
    God Spoke to Samson. God want to use him to Liberate Israel out of oppression. He wanted only what God wants to do for him but wasn’t listening to what God wants to do through him.

Remember Jonah, God spoke to him but he wasn’t listening . He was concerned only about himself. Nothing pains God than when his own children choose to become bastardized and throw their inheritance away.
Luke 5:1-5, If you don’t listen, you wont hear. God still speaks. When you start feeling proud because of what God has done for you. You’re a first class student, you can sing so well, when you talk heavens open, you started raising shoulder to God. He’ll resist you be far from you. What God wants to do through you is greater than what he wants to do for you.

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