Depression is a personal thing, You don’t know what they are going through… Don’t add more!

“Human beings are delicate beings. No matter how strong you claim to be, one thing must break you and your way of coping might not be your neighbors way of coping.”- Psychologist.

The way we handle things individually is different.

We have diverse ways of coping with stress and emotions. We all don’t have strong and healthy coping and emotion regulating mechanisms. Help those with faulty coping strategies. Be of help to them, don’t criticize them, don’t tell them where they should and should not be.

If you’re not ready to help, don’t add more to their problems. Not everyone who hasn’t gone through that phase in life and is a survivor can understand how it feels like to be depressed.

I went through some comments made by people on a particular victim’s timeline, some blaming the president, others criticizing the victim . I was amazed at how much educated illiterates we still have left in this country.

Your president is not always to be blamed for everything that happens to you and when you see people going through that depressing phase, encourage them rather than blaming it on others. Help increase their chance of surviving. If you have no positive value to add to their current situation, it’s better you stay mute.

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