Genesis 18:17-19, 1 Samuel 8:5
Topic: How to build a Godly home

Many of us have attempted to build Christian home while many just find themselves in marriage without the ambition of having a Godly home. God has an expectation from every Christian who goes into marriage, which is to make sure we bring up our household and our children in the way of the Lord.
Christians whose ways of life are opposite to the way of God can not build a Christian home except they become born again. It goes beyond coming to church or memorizing scriptures by force. A home is not a Christian home just because you pray together.

What is a Christian home?
This is one where God is alive and present in the life of both parent and children living in that home.
How do we make God alive? John 6:24

  1. Start early . Luke 18, Jesus said, children should be brought to him. When they are brought to God early, they’ll believe.. Let’s see the verse 17 . From childhood, they’ll hold on to the word of God and believe it. Children learnt that those who do bad are going to hell fire, and they tell their friends in the innocence of their heart, to stay away from bad things to avoid going to hell.
  2. Seek God’s help Psalm 127, Except the Lord build the house…
    Involve God in their lives from early stage even from the womb, prophesy to the unborn child. When the child is born, hand them over to God. Say God, Take over the children, fill them with your Holy Spirit.
  3. Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Nurture means help to grow, nourishing them. When a mother gives birth, she feeds them out of what is inside her. 1corinthian 11:23 it is what you’ve received you’ll pass across to your child. A child takes everything you tell him or her hook line and sinker. Teach your child, whatever does not belong to him or her must not be taken. Make sure you follow it up Ephesian6:4, (Good news version. ) If you’re not disciplined, you can’t teach your children discipline. If you don’t know how to say yes to simple instructions, how will your child say yes to simple instruction?
  4. Bring them up with Christian discipline. Let’s check amplified version, Ephesians 6:4. Many parents don’t care about their children and they know it. They care so much about their job and they know it. Let your children know that you love them, so that when you make a demand from them, they’ll be quick to grant it.
  5. We need to pray, pray and pray. Never stop praying for our children, while they are young till they’re married.

Genesis 18, we bring up our children so that God’s covenant over his children will be brought to fulfilment. I pray you’ll not be a failure over the children God has given us.

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