Lasu graduate and currently serving corps member, Initiates implementation of E-Library in Kwara State.

A corps member currently serving at Kwara state IFELODUN local government make use of his policy making skills to improve the standard of education by making sure the community and government provides a E-library for the students within and outside of the community, Akinola Ayobami Steven is a graduate of history and international relations with keen interest in contributing selflessly to build human capital and potential.

In a recent interview with him, he said “The educational system of the igbaja community is gradually deteriorating. The schools have poor or no infrastructure, the laboratories are bad, the textbooks are archaic and even the mode of teaching are obsolete in this 21st century. During survey of the community, it was discovered that there was an existing e library, this gave I and my colleagues much joy believing there is hope for this community, but after taking a survey we found out that it is not functioning since the day it was commissioned that was over 5 years ago.

There is a need for a functioning community e-library for personal research and advanced learning, which is a concern for me and my fellow corps member Israel and John. There is no access to internet facilities within the community at large to improve research among students and to help develop them during home works, examinations and personal research. We also noticed that students cannot operate computer or write e-based test and there is an abandoned e-library in the community.
There is popular saying that we are the product of what we see and hear, seeing aid learning and help what we hear settles down and process conceived information’s faster. The use of ICT to transform rural areas will enhance the quality and performances of educational services. This visual learning will help the students and teachers to learn fast and teach well, thereby amplify existing curriculum.
After meeting with different stake holders started soliciting for funds and equipment, it was not easy thou, but God was involved. Now the Library have started functioning with a lot of advanced equipment inside the library”
Akinola Ayobami Steven is currently the first librarian of the Igbaja ultra modern E – Library
Ayobami is a selfless leader who nurtures the lead to become leaders through his soft skills impacted willingly to changing the world….

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