Tell me (01)

Tell me why
the sun rises from the east
and sets in the west
could that be the reason
why human beings become
angels in the morning then
turn demons at nights?

tell me why
young birds fly away without
returning back to their nests.
why smoke disappears
into the stomach of the atmosphere
forgetting the fire that birth it.
could that be the reason
why humans are ingrates to God?

tell me why the poor
sight wealth as the only means
to wear the crown of humanity
hence, crossing all odds to acquire it.
why the riches view poverty
as a word their eyes mustn’t see
restricting their tongues from
pronouncing it — blocking all holes
that lead to it kingdom
could that have birthed greediness?

tell me how long
would these questions breathe
in my head till I get answers to them.

tell me…

24th Oct, 2019. 3:36am

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