TELL ME (02)

Tell me how life would react
if the sun ascends at night
and the moon is being crowned in the day.
isn’t that trying to tell you everyone’s glory
has different time to shine?

why are we clad in
different skins and
worn with various tongues?
tell me why we turn our
differences into chaos and war
by nurturing racism and discriminations
rather than embracing love?
is that the reason we are being
moulded with different dusts?

our fingers stand
besides each other with love
on the same wrist, using the same blood
yet they’re not equal.
why did we turn deaf to listen
to the message they’re passing across
that everyone has different position
to hold in life and
should be contented with it.

tell me why we glance through
different books of the scriptures
without reading them with our hearts.
maybe that’s the reason why
the fear of God is not well germinated
in our minds and then we behave
as if there’s no one to question our actions.

tell me why you start thinking
about life while reading this…

©Olaseni ✍🏽

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